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2019 General Election – tactical voting suggestions

By Jon Harris In standard24th November, 2019 2019 General Election – tactical voting suggestions

2019_election_marginals_tactical_voting_plan We’ve quickly prepared this list of marginal constituencies with suggestions of how to vote tactically to prevent a Conservative majority in the next parliament (because we don’t want one).  


Friends Indeed

By Jon Harris In standard14th July, 2017 Friends Indeed

Friends Indeed   Every manager needs to grasp the difference between the separate concepts of ‘being friends’ and ‘being friendly’.  It’s rather hard to manage your friends, but it’s rather hard *not* to manage using a friendly manner. So where’s the line?  How do you know what to talk about, and in what manner; so


Loving your Staff

By Jon Harris In standard15th November, 2016 Loving your Staff

Loving your Staff   Since America decided to jump off a cliff, I’ve been thinking about Love.  I think Philip Larkin was right:  “What will survive of us is Love”. I’ve written, and often speak, about how a sense of ‘liking’ your staff makes the management and leadership conversation easier.  Sometimes I hear objections to


3 Customer Service Sins in Just 10 Words

By Jon Harris In standard25th August, 2016 3 Customer Service Sins in Just 10 Words

3 Customer Service Sins in Just 10 Words   I was waiting to get served in the pub yesterday evening – hot day, nice garden, busy bar – and the customer next to me, whose turn it was, asked the bar staff member if she could order some food.  She was asked which table number


TJHP says “Remain”

By Jon Harris In standard14th June, 2016 TJHP says “Remain”

This may come as a massive surprise – well, OK, maybe not – but TJHP says, Vote Remain. We’ll reply to all comments on this if anyone wants to talk.


Geoid – Planet Earth and the difference between Management and Leadership

By Jon Harris In standard29th February, 2016 Geoid – Planet Earth and the difference between Management and Leadership

  I was recently working with a group of managers at a large manufacturer when a great example of the difference between management and leadership came up. We were working on an important conversation that needed to happen amongst team members.  The manager responsible for that area kept looking at the clock, acutely aware of


Beansprout Vindaloo

By Jon Harris In standard18th January, 2016 Beansprout Vindaloo

Beansprout Vindaloo – understanding the Thomas-Kilmann conflict model   The Thomas-Kilmann conflict model is a wonderfully useful tool to help businesses and groups think about how different individuals tend to approach conflict in different ways.   However the five terms used in the model, to describe the different approaches to conflict, can be hard for


Don’t Talk Turkey

By Jon Harris In standard6th January, 2016 Don’t Talk Turkey

Don’t Talk Turkey   It’s been widely reported today that a new app called “Just Not Sorry” has been launched in the US.  It is targeted at women in business and aims to assist them in writing, primarily by avoiding any drain on their sense of authority which, the app’s developers contend, is caused by


A Tale of Two Managers

By Jon Harris In standard15th December, 2015 A Tale of Two Managers

A Tale of Two Managers Even those senior managers who don’t follow or like football should be honing their leadership skills via some observation of the fascinating dynamics on display in the media at present. I’m a fan of two teams at different levels in the football hierarchy, and after years of sustained success for


When staff disagree with you…

By Jon Harris In standard11th December, 2015 When staff disagree with you…

When staff disagree with you…. There’s been an interesting and sad twist to the controversy about boxer Tyson Fury’s nomination for the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year Award.   Andy West, a BBC reporter, has been suspended from work after joining the public chorus of criticism against his employer for including Fury on the Award

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