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Group of employees receiving customer care training from the Jon Harris partnership

How can you help ALL the managers in your business raise

team performance through what they say?  

How can you do this in UNDER 2 HOURS using a lively and engaging lunchtime event?

FEEDBACK ON A PLATE is an immersive theatre training event which:

  • Gives all your managers takeaway solutions to a key problem that they all have – how to give specific feedback to raise performance from “mediocre” to “good” and from “good” to “excellent”
  • Gives managers the right words to use, in a way that sticks in their minds
  • Offers a fun social event to attend with colleagues, rather than a boring training course


business training at finger buffet event run by the Jon Harris Partnership

For 10 years, The Jon Harris Partnership has been providing first-class business training events to help firms in all sectors with leadership and customer service.

FEEDBACK ON A PLATE is a 90-minute lunchtime event (we can also do it as a breakfast or cocktail-time event), enjoyed with a sandwich and a drink, showing managers the best techniques for raising their game.

We come to you, and can perform in any space large enough for a group of between 50 and 250 managers.


During FEEDBACK ON A PLATE, the audience watches a story unfold...

Rachel, a manager, has decided to tell her team member Clare that one or two aspects of her work are not up to scratch.

The conversation doesn’t go well, and Rachel seeks out her colleague James to ask for his input.  Some of James’ suggestions go some way to help – but it’s our audience who hold the real key to success.  We get your staff to help the characters find their way to a great conclusion.

group participation in feedback on a plate training course

Call or email us today to find out how FEEDBACK ON A PLATE can help you provide a memorable learning event

for your managers, with fantastic use of your resources and your time.

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