What We Do

We provide coaching, training and consulting, in groups or one-to-one.

We work across sectors and industries with particular specialisms in Accountancy, Law, Finance, the Creative Industries and Housing.

We often work alongside specially trained and experienced actors who bring our training material to life.  See a short clip about this here.

We specialise in:


Speaking and presenting skills, especially where legal, financial or technical language is used.

Leadership and engagement

Leadership and engagement.

Customer service and client care

Customer service and client care.

Some specific courses we offer include:

  • Presenting Yourself Successfully
  • Persuasive Speaking Skills
  • Leading Successful Teams
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Management Course for Solicitors (recommended for newly-qualified solicitors and authorised by the SRA)
  • Writing Clear Business Communications
  • Specialised Customer Service / Client Care
  • Facilitation and Meeting-Management Skills
  • Recruitment and Interview Skills
  • Behavioural Safety
  • Finance for the Financially Illiterate
  • People Skills for Finance Managers




What Others Say


“Jon is a fantastic and inspiring coach with a wealth of experience”


“Avery useful session - one of the best I have been to.  Lots of really handy tips without making a major meal of it like some courses I've been on previously”

Head of L&D,

"You've been instrumental in transforming a good programme into a great programme - the feedback has been fantastic"

Feedback form,

“Brilliant!  Relaxed and easy-going, but got points over well. 

Extremely useful, practical and well-organised”


 “This was spot on.  Everyone who took part found it very useful”


“The first time we worked together, feedback from everyone was so positive that we organised a second session. The word got round, and it was oversubscribed”

Head of Training,

“Jon combines a robust intellectual approach with a highly accessible style”


“Encouraging, wise, serious and helpful”

Managing Director,

“In a people business these skills are vital and they’re very rarely available from traditional training companies. That’s why we’ve often recommended Jon Harris to others”

Head of Learning & Development,

“These trainers have a vast knowledge of business and commerce, and a huge understanding of the human psyche”

Coaching client,

“There are so many examples of how Jon has helped me make key shifts in thinking about my work”

Training Manager,

“This kind of coaching has given our staff a completely unique opportunity”


"I have never sat through 4 hours' training before without clock-watching.  REALLY interesting"

Feedback form,

"Very well-organised and executed"

Training Manager,

"This was really targeted towards our needs"


"They are the best listeners we deal with"


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